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Small Grants Program in Turkey

Project Overview:

Health Security Partners (HSP) is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to building local capacity to improve health security around the world.  HSP provides training, technical assistance,  fellowships, and small grants support for locally led solutions to strengthen health systems, increasing their resilience to outbreaks of infectious disease and related challenges.

The goal of this small grants program is to build host capacity to help bridge and transition health and other STEM professionals displaced from Syria, so that they may contribute to the health and science sector in Turkey.

HSP’s small grants program supports organizations registered in Turkey to develop practical solutions for displaced people with backgrounds in health and other STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) for long term integration into Turkish society. Trainers, professionals, and staff from host communities can be trained in such solutions so they are empowered to then further train displaced individuals who are now Turkish citizens. HSP is specially interested in partnering with organizations that may need support with professional job trainings and skill development opportunities.

As you complete your application, please note the following:



Applicants are encouraged to keep the below criteria in mind as they design and develop their project proposal. HSP is looking for projects with the following elements:

All beneficiaries of any projects funded through the grant must be Turkish citizens. This includes: Organizers, administrators, trainers and participants of training programs and any other beneficiaries directly supported through the program. This criteria ensures the host country benefits from this scheme as well as the displaced (newly nationalized) population.



Not-for-profit organizations, including non-governmental organizations.


Grant Amount:

HSP generally awards small grants of $5,000 – $10,000. Larger grants will be considered with a total amount requested per grant not to exceed $20,000. Programs that demonstrate impact may be considered for a larger scope of funding in the future. Applicants are encouraged to develop low cost, high impact proposals.



Grantee recipients agree to provide the following to Health Security Partners:


Application Deadline is 31 December 2018