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AMR Social Media Outreach

HSP’s current cohort of Futures Fellows from the MENA region were recently tasked with promoting World Antibiotic Resistance Week (November 13-19) via social media! The goal of this assignment was to reach non-scientists in a way that was fun and informative. Three Fellows went above and beyond with this assignment, and deserve special recognition. Please view their creative videos below and follow their lead in becoming biosecurity champions in your community.

Manal Atwi 

“I created an animation about AMR and incorporated a voice note to highlight the difference in treating bacterial versus viral infections. I also discussed the correct and incorrect ways to use antibiotics to prevent antimicrobial resistance from increasing. This video was shared on my Facebook page, YouTube page and WhatsApp account.”


Nada Ahmed

“I chose to post a video illustrating the main tips for proper use of antibiotics. I thought that a visual aid would be a more effective method of reaching a wider audience compared to written content, especially on social media. I chose to post this video on Facebook, since I have more connections on Facebook than on any other social media platform.”


Farah Nassar

“I chose to use a video since this is more attractive to viewers than a written post. My video included information about AMR, how it developed and how we can help to prevent it. I tried to include both Arabic and English language in each posting of the video to reach more people.”


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