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Coronavirus Resource Center

This page is a resource to increase awareness regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Here, you will find the latest statistics, news, and information, as well as the ongoing efforts by HSP’s extensive global network of partners to combat the coronavirus. This page will be updated daily with the latest information. 

COVID-19 Daily Update

Last Updated April 6, 2020 at 4:45 p.m. ET | See Citation

U.S. Tracking Statistics

352,546+ cases

50 states with confirmed cases

  • New York: 131,239
  • New Jersey: 41,090
  • Michigan: 15,718
  • California: 15,221

10,389+ deaths

25,000+ cases in last 24 hours

U.S. Department of State International Travel Health Advisory: LEVEL 4 – DO NOT TRAVEL

Global Tracking Statistics

1,331,032+ cases

184+ countries with confirmed cases

  • United States: 352,546
  • Spain: 135,032
  • Italy: 132,547
  • Germany: 101,558

73,917+ deaths

275,832+ recovered

82,061 new cases and 5,798 new deaths in last 24 hours

WHO Global Risk Assessment: VERY HIGH

Map of Confirmed Cases in U.S. by State and Territory
click image to enlarge

Tests Performed v. Confirmed Cases in U.S. by State
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COVID-19 Country Case Count Trajectory
click image to enlarge

COVID-19 Country Death Count Trajectory
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The data on this page has been collected from the following sources.
New York Times, Johns Hopkins’ CSSE, Financial Times, World Health Organization, USA Today, Statista, Politico, Bloomberg

From Our Partners

HSP’s extensive network of partners around the world are working tirelessly to strengthen capacity to prevent, detect, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the onset of the outbreak, our partners have been champions of health security, working to raise awareness, train health and laboratory professionals to enhance preparedness, and support the response to COVID-19 infections in their countries.


Dr. Saeed Khan, Professor of Virology Molecular Diagnostics from the DOW Institute of Medical Sciences, and longtime HSP partner, has led the coronavirus preparedness and response in Karachi. He has raised awareness by holding workshops, training health workers on infection prevention, and promoting public education across Karachi.


HSP Iraq Fellow, Assistant Professor Dr. Arwa Mujahid Al-Shuwaikh, from the Department of Microbiology at Al-Nahrain University College of Medicine, has become a champion for coronavirus awareness and clinical training in Iraq, conducting a series of workshops, “Novel Coronavirus nCoV-2019: Management, Prevention & Control.”


HSP partner and Professor of Virology at the University of Tripoli, Dr. Ibrahim Eldaghayes, has been heavily involved in coronavirus awareness campaigns and workshops throughout Libya. Dr. Eldaghayes recently presented lectures at the University of Tripoli, the Food and Drug Control Center in Tripoli and at the University of Asmaria in Zliten.


HSP collaborator Dr. Gina Itchon, Medical Officer IV at Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) and Associate Professor and Director of the Sustainable Sanitation Center, Xavier University, is supporting COVID-19 infection care at NMMC in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.


Prof. Herawati Sudoyo, Deputy Director, Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology and Head of the Medical Commission, Indonesian Academy of Sciences, organized a seminar for the scientific community in Jakarta titled, “Responding to Coronavirus 2019-nCoV: From Eijkman Institute for Indonesia.”


Samreen Sarwar, HSP Technical Advisor in Pakistan, on when and how to use face masks. Instruction in Urdu.


HSP Fellow Dr. Arwa Mujahiid on how to prevent COVID-19 and advice to the general public. Instruction in Arabic.


Faizan Ahmad, an HSP Futures Fellow from Abbottabad University of Science and Technology, on proper hand-washing technique. Instruction in Urdu.

News & Information

Featured articles about COVID-19, including the latest developments as well as expert opinions and advice on prevention and treatment.

As Aid Groups Scramble to Contain COVID-19, Malnutrition Set to Increase-Devex, 4/6

Japan’s Shinzo Abe Will Declare States of Emergency As Coronavirus Cases Surge-NPR, 4/6

The Coronavirus Inflicts Its Own Kind of Terror-The New York Times, 4/6

Food Goes to Waste Amid Coronavirus Crisis-Politico, 4/5

U.S. Faces ‘Really Bad’ Week As Coronavirus Deaths Spike-Reuters, 4/5

These ‘disease hunters’ developed a novel technique for tracking pandemics after 9/11, but lost funding right before COVID-19 – CNBC, 4/4

Projecting hospital utilization during the COVID-19 outbreaks in the United States – PNAS, 4/3

Masks do reduce spread of flu and some coronaviruses, study finds – Reuters, 4/3

How to Prevent Social Isolation from Making Loneliness Worse – Johns Hopkins, 4/3

Hospitals, Universities Push For Treatment Using Plasma From Recovered COVID Patients-NPR, 4/3

World Bank Approves Nearly $2B in COVID-19 Projects-Devex, 4/3

The Countries That Are Succeeding at Flattening the Curve-Foreign Policy, 4/2

‘These are Answers We Need.’ WHO Plans Global Study to Discover True Extent of Coronavirus Infections-Science Magazine, 4/2

Coronavirus Testing in China Finds More Symptom-Free Cases-Bloomberg, 4/2

How Poorer Countries are Scrambling to Prevent a Coronavirus Disaster-Nature, 4/2

F.D.A. Approves First Coronavirus Antibody Test in U.S. – NYT, 4/2

Map Reveals Hidden U.S. Hotspots of Coronavirus Infection – Scientific American, 4/2

White House expected to urge Americans to wear face coverings in public to slow spread of coronavirus – Washington Post, 4/2

Infected but Feeling Fine: The Unwitting Coronavirus Spreaders – NYT, 4/1

You may be able to spread coronavirus just by breathing – Science, 4/2

More Evidence Indicates Healthy People Can Spread Virus-The Associated Press, 4/1

Covid-19 Changed How the World Does Science, Together-The New York Times, 4/1

National Emergency Stockpile of Protective Medical Gear Nearly Empty: Report-The Hill, 4/1

The United States Leads in Coronavirus Cases, But Not Pandemic Response-Science Magazine, 4/1

Stanford launches an accelerated test of AI to help care for COVID-19 patients – STAT, 4/1

White House Projects 100,000 to 240,000 U.S. Coronavirus Deaths – WSJ, 4/1

Inmates Freed as the Virus Spreads Behind Bars – NYT, 3/31

Who’s Sickest from COVID-19? These Conditions Tied to Increased Risk – NPR, 3/31

A look at COVID-19 testing and why country-wide is impossible right now – Devex, 3/31

UN launches COVID-19 plan that could ‘defeat the virus and build a better world’ – UN News, 3/31

D.I.Y. Coronavirus Solutions Are Gaining Steam – New York Times, 3/31

Lockdowns in Europe could have averted tens of thousands of deaths – Nature, 3/31

U.S. FDA authorizes use of new two-minute test kit for coronavirus – Reuters, 3/31

Estimating the number of infections and the impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions on COVID-19 – Imperial College London, 3/30

If Most of Your Coronavirus Tests Come Back Positive, You’re Not Testing Enough – NPR, 3/30

How would overwhelmed hospitals decide who to treat first? – AP, 3/30

US could see millions of coronavirus cases and 100,000 or more deaths – CNN, 3/30

‘Project Airbridge’ to Expedite Arrival of Needed Supplies, White House Says – NPR, 3/29

Coronavirus Slowdown in Seattle Suggests Restrictions Are Working –NYT, 3/29

FDA issues emergency authorization of anti-malaria drug for coronavirus care – Politico, 3/29

The Lost Month: How a Failure to Test Blinded the U.S. to Covid-19 – New York Times, 3/28

The Problem with China’s Victory Lap – Atlantic, 3/28

Experts say COVID-19 will likely lead to US drug shortages – CIDRAP at University of Minnesota, 3/27

Mystery In Wuhan: Recovered Coronavirus Patients Test Negative … Then Positive – NPR, 3/27

As toll grows, a new worry: Morgue capacity and bodies as sources of infection – Washington Post, 3/27

How Does The Coronavirus Behave Inside A Patient – New Yorker, 3/26

The new coronavirus is finally slamming Russia. Is the country ready? – Science, 3/26

Coronavirus Has Now Killed More Than 1,000 People in the US. But Health Officials Say the Peak Is Yet to Come — CNN, 3/26

Where the U.S. Stands Now on Coronavirus Testing – New York Times, 3/26

How China’s Measures Have Worked Against Coronavirus, What 2 Studies Showed – Forbes, 3/26

Video Reveals Lung Damage in US Coronavirus Patient – CNN, 3/26

The effect of control strategies to reduce social mixing on outcomes of the COVID-19 epidemic in Wuhan, China – The Lancet, 3/25

Dyson to Produce 15,000 Ventilators From Scratch ‘in weeks’ – Financial Times, 3/25

Mathematics of life and death: How disease models shape national shutdowns and other pandemic policies – Science, 3/25

Some States are Reporting Incomplete COVID-19 Results, Blurring the Full Picture – Scientific American, 3/25

Man Dies, Woman Hospitalized After Taking Form of Chloroquine To Prevent COVID-19 – NPR, 3/24

WHO sees potential of U.S. becoming new coronavirus epicenter – Reuters, 3/24

The Virus Can Be Stopped, But Only With Harsh Steps, Experts Say – NYT, 3/23

How the Virus Got Out – NYT, 3/22

The Standard Coronavirus Test, If Available, Works Well-But Can New Diagnostics Help in This Pandemic? – Science, 3/22

How You Can Help During the Coronavirus Outbreak – Washington Post, 3/21

Africa, Latin America Fragile Targets for Coronavirus Spread – AP, 3/20

Younger Adults Make Up Big Portion of Coronavirus Hospitalizations in U.S. – NYT, 3/20

COVID-Related Cancellations, Closings and Postponements – Washington Post, 3/20

If You Feel Sick and Are Worried About the Coronavirus, Call Your Doctor. Don’t Rush to the ER – Washington Post, 3/18

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COVID-19 Resources

WHO COVID-19 Outbreak Homepage

Includes updated information about travel guidance, daily situation reports, personal protection advice, FAQs, and Myth-busters.

Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering: Global Case Count Dashboard

Mapping tool that offers real-time tracking of COVID-19 spread by country. Includes information regarding case totals, deaths, recoveries, and more.


ASM has provided free access to nearly 50 research articles published over the last year in ASM’s 16 scholarly journals to support research efforts and communications about COVID-19.


Includes information about virus transmission, symptoms and complications, prevention and treatment, advice for the public, FAQs, information for travelers, and more.


Johns Hopkins Medicine explains how the virus is transmitted, how it is diagnosed, and best ways to protect yourself.


The Master Question List (MQL) is intended to quickly present the current state of available information to government decision makers in the operational response to COVID-19.

NIH: LitCovid

LitCovid is a curated literature hub for tracking up-to-date scientific information about the 2019 novel Coronavirus. It is the most comprehensive resource on the subject, providing a central access to thousands of relevant articles in PubMed. The articles are updated daily and are further categorized by different research topics and geographic locations for improved access.

CDC: COVID-19 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

Updated weekly by the CDC, the MMWR provides the latest epidemiological information related to COVID-19, such as fatality rates by age and its implications for public health practice.


This course provides information on what facilities should be doing to be prepared to respond to a case of an emerging respiratory virus such as the novel coronavirus, how to identify a case once it occurs, and how to properly implement IPC measures to ensure there is no further transmission to HCW or to other patients and others in the healthcare facility.


Includes COVID-19 fact sheets, FAQs, training resources, peer reviewed references and more.

Free COVID-19 Related Online Courses

Compiled by the online study aid, this page includes 10 free online COVID-19 related courses taught by the WHO, Future Learn, Coursera, and more.