November 19, 2020

HSP Holds Virtual Workshop To Help Afghan Veterinary Laboratories Properly Contain Biological Materials

Over the last two weeks, HSP has virtually convened a group of ten senior laboratory personnel from the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock (MAIL)’s central and regional labs in Afghanistan, in order to ensure that the labs are following proper biorisk management protocols when working with hazardous biological materials, such as Anthrax and Brucella.

The virtual workshop, which ran from November 1-16, allowed the various laboratorians not only to review biorisk management protocols but also to compare notes on their various lab practices, discuss recent COVID-19 response efforts, and complete a comprehensive risk analysis for their labs.

The results of the risk analysis and workshop discussion indicated that all biorisk management protocols were being followed properly by the various labs. However, the assessment did find that the network of labs needed significant upgrades to their communication systems.

The workshop was such a success that the Director of Animal Health is looking into how this training model could be used elsewhere in the MAIL’s professional development efforts.