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History & Approach

Health Security Partners (HSP) is a nonprofit international development organization that is dedicated to building local capacity to improve health security around the world. We develop and deliver programs in resource-constrained areas that advance individuals’ careers, institutions’ capacities, and societies’ ability to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious diseases. Ultimately, our mission is to realize a better health security future for all.

Born from years of work in the global health and national security sectors, HSP builds upon the lessons learned across the both communities, by scaling proven models of success and launching novel approaches to public diplomacy, science engagement, and sustainable development to create a better future for all.

Established by a network of partners passionate about health security, HSP is a platform for all, bringing new voices to share and shape a common vision.

Education. Collaboration. Stewardship.

These three principles have been the foundation for our work since our founding and guide our mission every day. We firmly believe that they are the cornerstones of the next era of health security.

Our programs are based on capabilities in the following areas:

Embodying our principles of education, collaboration, and stewardship, we utilize three approaches across our programs: mentorship, partnership, and expertise.

Mentorship for Education

We employ a resource-adapted learning model to engage early-career and established professionals to foster local capacity and leadership.

We understand that sustained capacity of the workforce requires long-term, context-specific engagement that goes beyond one-time one-size-fits-all training workshops. To that end, we work hand-in-hand with individuals to identify local challenges and develop collaborative solutions through long-term hands-on learning.

Our mentorship programs range from Fellowships for students and university faculty to technical capacity building in laboratories. We provide opportunities for individuals across disciplines (public health, agriculture/veterinary health, etc.) and sectors (ministries, NGOs, academic/research institutions).

Partnership for Collaboration

We leverage over 30 years of relationships with partners around the world to deliver meaningful, value-added work on the ground.

We continue to foster these trusted relationships into the next generation of health security. Because we work in some of the most challenging and isolated parts of the world, diplomacy is not an abstract concept. Meaningful collaboration with local partners is critical. Our partners add local perspective, unique capabilities, and expertise to our work to ensure it is sustained over time.

Our collaborations in the U.S. and around the world span the public and private sectors and range from scientific societies, pharmaceutical companies, and universities and academic institutions to ministries of health and local laboratory networks.

Expertise for Stewardship

We utilize a world-class interdisciplinary team of experts who are stewards of our engagement around the world.

We are scientists, physicians, and public health experts spanning the domains of global health, national security, public policy, and sustainable development.

With our in-house expertise and a robust network of partners around the world, we are able to develop and implement powerful solutions to health security challenges. Our expertise ranges from disease surveillance and biorisk management to providing opportunities to shape the next generation of health security leaders.

*HSP is a PACE (Professional Acknowledgement for Continuing Education) credits provider by the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS).