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HSP Implements Workshop for Anthrax Outbreak Detection, Reporting and Response in Indonesia

HSP, in collaboration with the Indonesia One Health University Network (INDOHUN), hosted a two-day workshop, January 23-24, 2018, focused on strengthening anthrax outbreak detection, reporting and response in Indonesia. The workshop brought together 40 human and veterinary health participants from anthrax endemic provinces, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Interior, law enforcement, and armed forces.

The workshop began with in-depth recent anthrax outbreak investigation reports from two provinces in Indonesia highlighting gaps and opportunities for inter-sector collaboration. HSP brought a team of international human and veterinary health experts from the United States and the Philippines, who shared best practices for detection, laboratory diagnoses, reporting, response, and biorisk management. Participants enthusiastically collaborated in breakout groups discussions to make a series of recommendations for improving Indonesia’s outbreak prevention, detection and response system.

The workshop was supported by funding from the Biosecurity Engagement Program (BEP) of the U.S. Department of State.

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