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HSP Iraq Fellows Translate AMR Dictionary through Engaged Learning Exercise

During HSP’s recent Fellowship Training Institute in Iraq, a group learning approach on the topic of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) was used, resulting not only in a better outcome, but a useful product for Iraq and the region. Using the publicly available AMR Dictionary, the class of 23 fellows was divided into four groups, and each group was assigned a couple of chapters. Groups read the assigned chapters, reviewed the links within the dictionary, and prepared a 15-minute presentation for the rest of the class.  Rather than a traditional 60-minute lecture on AMR, we had four presentations developed by students, and followed by Q&A and discussion.  The class was more engaged than a traditional lecture format, and enthusiastic about using the simple educational materials to spread the message in their community.

Importantly, the cohort of HSP Fellows has begun to translate the AMR Dictionary into Arabic to facilitate its use as an educational resource across Iraq and the region. We hope to post the Arabic version by the end of the summer.

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