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HSP Participates in Career Fair at Hamdard University in Karachi, Pakistan

On November 24-25, 2017, HSP actively participated in a Career Fair organized at Hamdard University in Karachi, Pakistan. HSP representatives included Associate Dr. Saeed Khan, and Futures Fellows Alumni, Maria Zahid (2015) and Ramsha Khan (2016).

The career fair at Hamdard University in Karachi, Pakistan focused on young scientists and early-career researchers, and facilitated the exploration of new opportunities within their respective fields. The fair was a huge success, and the HSP table received a lot of traffic from students, researchers and healthcare professionals seeking more information about the organization. HSP representatives briefed visitors on the goals of HSP, including a commitment to provide education, bolster collaboration and promote stewardship within the realm of global health security.

Visitors of note included the Vice Chancellor of Hamdard University and the Chief Guest of the career fair. Dr. Saeed Khan briefed both on the main targets of HSP, including: global health, national security, foreign affairs, public diplomacy, and sustainable development. He also encouraged students and faculty members to get involved in the Futures Fellowship, Stewards Fellowship and Small Grants/Incubator programs offered by HSP. Futures Fellowship Alumni, Maria Zahid and Ramsha Khan also shared their experiences with visitors, and offered advice on the application process. They highlighted the main benefits they enjoyed (including top-notch international mentors and networking with health security leaders) as a result of the Futures Fellowship, and encouraged students to apply. Many students showed great interest in the Futures Fellowship and small grants program.

All in all, the career fair was very successful! We are thankful to Dr. Saeed Khan, Maria Zahid and Ramsha Khan for all of their efforts in promoting HSP!


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2 Comments on HSP Participates in Career Fair at Hamdard University in Karachi, Pakistan

  1. Irfan Khan

    December 1, 2017 at 9:28 pm | Reply

    Many many Congratulations to HSP team training of young professionals in Pakistan. I wish I could be a part of HSP’s brilliant minds team.

  2. Saeed khan

    December 5, 2017 at 2:14 am | Reply

    Thank you.

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