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HSP-Supported Experts Design And Hold Trainings For Frontline Workers in Health Care

In Pakistan, Dr. Farida Lalani and Dr. Saba Savul, both HSP-supported experts, are working on behalf of the new Patient Safety Institute of the National Institute of Health, Islamabad (NIH). Along with other NIH experts they designed and held trainings for frontline workers like doctors, nurses, and medical facility housekeeping staff. These trainings covered topics like preventing healthcare associated infections (HAI), donning and doffing personal protective equipment (PPE), proper clean-up for biohazards, and use of post-exposure prophylactics (PEP) for diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. Since February 2020, the trainings have focused more on how to prevent and handle exposures to COVID-19, due to the recent outbreaks worldwide. Due to the prohibition against travel, Drs. Lalani and Savul are using video teleconferencing to reach hospitals located outside of Islamabad.

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