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Important Biosafety Publications from HSP Partner in Pakistan

Longtime partner and colleague of HSP, Dr. Shamsul Arfin Qasmi recently co-authored two scholarly articles documenting biosafety and waste management practices and gaps in laboratories in Pakistan.  These papers were a product of the HSP-supported project “Survey of Laboratory Acquired Infections and Waste Management in Biomedical and Research Laboratories of Pakistan.” HSP is proud to support the work of Dr. Qasmi, who has been a champion in the fields of biosafety, biosecurity and waste management for many years.

Dr. Qasmi, a professor at the Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College in Karachi and Founding Member  of the Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA), has maintained a proactive approach towards biosafety and biosecurity issues, actively addressing gaps within his country through teaching and scholarly research.

Dr. Qasmi’s work has been published in two papers. The first paper “Survey of Suspected Laboratory-Acquired Infections and Biosafety Practices in Research, Clinical, and Veterinary Laboratories in Karachi, Pakistan” was published in the Health Security Journal. Additionally, he published “Review of Biological Waste Management in Research, Biomedical, and Veterinary Laboratories in Karachi, Pakistan” in the Journal of Biosafety and Biosecurity.

In light of his recent findings, Dr. Qasmi is currently assisting with the development of national biowaste management guidelines. We hope that these efforts will improve biowaste management practices in Pakistan.

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