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Introducing Aimee Tandoi

We’re excited to announce that Aimee Tandoi has joined the HSP team as a Program Coordinator to support our work around the world. She recently graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a B.S. in Community Health, a minor in Neuroscience, and a passion for global health.

“Few things in this world are certain, especially when we look at the volatile state of our country and of nations abroad. One thing I have always been certain of, however, is my need to help those who are vulnerable–to protect those who cannot protect themselves and to offer knowledge to those who do not realize they are lacking necessary health information. I began my undergraduate career as a biology major, hoping to understanding the root causes of diseases. I soon realized, however, that I yearned to affect positive change in communities rather than individual patients. The more I learned about public health, the more I became infatuated with global health and with exploring the struggles facing developing countries. I participated in two volunteer trips to Thailand and Ethiopia, both of which afforded me a front row seat to the poverty and devastation that often enables societal unrest and the spread of infectious diseases.

A course during my third year of college called “Science Diplomacy: Foreign Policy and Science, Technology, and Innovation” offered an entirely new vantage point of global health. I was exposed to the truth behind its complex, interdisciplinary nature and the influence of economics, technological developments, and politics on the health of countries. I conducted two research papers on the abuse of such technologies, relating to Antimicrobial Resistance and Dual Use Research of Concern (H5N1 virus). From that point forward, I’ve been increasingly interested in learning about global health security, and am excited to work with HSP in an effort to work with individuals that live in vulnerable environments.”

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