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Introducing HSP’s Newest Intern, Libby Cha!

Global health is ubiquitous – it permeates many aspects of our lives and interconnects the world in ways that often go unnoticed. While it is often characterized by the interventions it produces, for me, global health means a shift in thinking. It is about the complexities and requires you to deconstruct everything you know about the issue. In this, I have realized how incredibly easy it is to be definitive about things when you don’t appreciate the humanity of it. The field of global health has encouraged me to take notice of the world outside of the one I live in, and to seek answers to incredibly complex human conditions.

I am a Junior at Cornell University studying Global Public Health in the College of Human Ecology. In learning all of the intricacies of global health, I have also learned its many difficulties. I have never been disillusioned about the prospects of global health, but rather have used it as a source of motivation. I have participated in medical mission trips to the Dominican Republic and conducted research in both the U.S. and Zambia. Through these experiences, I have had opportunities to look at health challenges from multiple perspectives, and begun to develop a more accurate picture of world health. I have always been driven by my passion for global health, and a desire to understand how many factors work on a multidimensional level to shape the appearance of health. I am thrilled at this opportunity to work with HSP in their interdisciplinary approach to improving health security.

-Libby Cha

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