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We maintain a robust network of partners in increasingly isolated parts of the world that include Pakistan, Afghanistan, Middle East/North Africa, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Central, South, and Southeast Asia.

We have a proven record of success based on value-added partnerships that address real challenges on the ground. Our success is rooted in years of capacity-building in the field, working in collaboration with partners to produce a meaningful return on investment.

In the United States, some of our partners include:

Around the globe, some of our international partners include:


For details on partners in particular countries or regions of the world, please contact us.

Health Security Partners (HSP) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Washington, DC. Our funders include federal and state governments, non-profit organizations, foundations, and other philanthropic organizations. We are committed to sound business practices and uphold the highest standards of business ethics including the accurate and timely reporting of grant expenditures. All agents of HSP, including our board and staff, adhere to the utmost standards of professional conduct and integrity.

Our capabilities include top-to-bottom program implementation and management support for a range of activities, including procurement and acquisition. We provide logistics, travel, and on-site staff support in nearly every country. We bring a deep bench of subject-matter experts for targeted tasks – from training to consultation.

For more information about partnering with us, please contact us.