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Stewards Fellowship

Join a growing global network of university faculty who serve as leaders of health security education and stewardship. This is an opportunity to work with like-minded international educators and experts toward a goal of developing and implementing robust health security curriculum at your home institution, and to more broadly raise awareness and impact your community of health stakeholders.

Program Overview

The Health Security Stewards Fellowship is a yearlong program designed for university faculty and staff who are interested in broadening the scope of their life sciences curricula to include topics on health security. They will become champions of change for their universities, as they learn novel teaching methods to relay the following concepts:

The Fellowship begins with participation in the weeklong Health Security Stewards Training Institute. This includes special lectures, sessions, workshops, and table-top exercises led by HSP staff and mentors. The fellowship continues with a yearlong virtual curriculum of bi-weekly modules through which Fellows continue to practice teaching various health security topics.

Expectations & Opportunities

In order to successfully complete the Health Security Stewards Fellowship program, Fellows must:

Below is an estimated time commitment, which Fellows are expected to complete:

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2020 Chemical Security Stewards Fellowship – Turkey

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2019 Stewards Fellowship – Iraq

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2017 Stewards Fellowship – Indonesia

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