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Dr. Saeed Khan leads coronavirus preparedness and response in Karachi

Dr. Saeed Khan, Professor of Virology Molecular Diagnostics from the DOW Institute of Medical Sciences, and longtime HSP partner, has led the coronavirus preparedness and response in Karachi. He has held awareness raising workshops at key universities and hospitals across Karachi, trained health workers on best practices for infection prevention, and promoted public education through numerous television broadcasts and seminars. He also headed the rapid development of the COVID-19 test at DOW Institute of Medical Sciences, currently one of the few hospitals offering COVID-19 testing in Pakistan. He has spearheaded training programs and incentives for housekeeping staff, who are often neglected in safety/infection prevention programs and have no opportunities for continuing education but are critical to patient care and laboratory functions. Dr. Saeed Khan serves as the Vice President of the Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA) and ASM Country Ambassador in Pakistan.


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