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HSP Fellow Supporting COVID-19 Response in Indonesia on Multiple Fronts

HSP Fellow Dr. Aroem Naroeni, Researcher and Biosafety Officer at the Virology and Cancer Pathobiology Research Center, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, is helping to lead Indonesia’s COVID-19 response on several fronts:
  • Dr. Aroem’s laboratory is one of the reference laboratories for diagnostic testing for COVID 19. In addition to conducting tests, she has instituted COVID-19 specific biorisk management procedures and practices and is also monitoring their health to prevent lab acquired infections.
  • She has worked with the Technical Committee of the National Standardization Body (BSN) to issue a guideline for all facilities performing COVID-19 diagnostics.
  • She is assisting the university’s alumni network for the mass production and distribution of Coverall Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE) to protect healthcare workers in hospitals across Indonesia. With the PPE, they are providing standard operating procedures for donning, doffing and disposal.
  • Dr. Aroem has also been educating the public through media appearances, so that they appreciate the risk posed by the pandemic, follow the necessary preventive measures, and understand available diagnostics.

Production of Coverall PPE for hospitals across Indonesia.

Dr. Aroem running COVID-19 diagnostic tests in her lab.

Public outreach.

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