Futures Fellowship

The Health Security Futures Fellowship is a growing global network of early-career scientists who are poised to be leaders in health security. The Fellowship is a unique opportunity to advance early careers by learning and collaborating with like-minded international peers and being mentored by experts in the field. The Fellowship begins with a weeklong intensive Training Institute and culminates with a yearlong virtual curriculum and a project that Fellows develop and implement to address a local health security challenge.

Program Overview

The Health Security Futures Fellowship is a yearlong training program designed for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in the life sciences, global public health, security, and development. The Fellowship is an interdisciplinary program which addresses a broad set of themes, including:

  • Science Diplomacy
  • Sustainable Development
  • Food Security & Agroterrorism
  • Global Infectious Disease & Surveillance
  • Anti-Microbial Resistance
  • Frameworks for International Health Security
  • Dual-Use Research of Concern
  • Bioterrorism & Nonproliferation
  • Advocacy & Evidence-Based Policymaking
  • Science & Technology Policy
  • Gender Disparity and Development
  • Other Special Topics

The Fellowship begins with participation in the Health Security Futures Fellowship Training Institute. The weeklong Training Institute includes special lectures, sessions, workshops, and table-top exercises led by HSP staff and mentors. In addition, Fellows are mentored by a HSP subject-matter expert mentor to work to identify a local health security challenge in their country and develop a project proposal to present to HSP staff, mentors, and their peers at the end of the week.

The Training Institute is followed by a yearlong virtual curriculum of monthly modules through which Fellows continue to learn and engage with their peers and mentors. Each monthly module includes reading materials, a live virtual expert lecture by a special guest, a hands-on learning activity, and a live virtual synthesis discussion. In addition to the curriculum, Fellows continue to be mentored to develop their project proposal, seek seed funding through HSP’s small grants program, and implement their local project on the ground.


  • A citizen of, and residing in the country in which the Fellowship is currently being sponsored.
  • Upper-level undergraduate, Masters’, or PhD student
  • English proficiency
  • Commitment to participate in all aspects of the program including:
    • Weeklong Health Security Futures Fellowship Training Institute
    • Yearlong virtual curriculum via HSP’s virtual learning platform, including required lectures, activities, discussions, assessments, and evaluations
    • Development of local health security project

Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrated interest in the life sciences, public and global health, international relations, foreign policy, science & technology, development, and/or diplomacy
  • Demonstrated ability to work with diverse teams and interest in cross-cultural exchange
  • Leadership capacity to share knowledge with peers in home country
  • Institutional commitment to Fellows’ participation in the program

Expectations & Opportunities

In order to successfully complete the Health Security Futures Fellowship program, Fellows must:

  • Attend and actively engage at the weeklong Futures Fellowship Training Institute
  • Actively participate in the virtual curriculum during the program year, including weekly lectures, readings, activities, and discussions
  • Develop a local health security project proposal to be considered by HSP for seed funding to support project implementation

Below is an estimated time commitment, which Fellows are expected to complete:

  • Training Institute + International Conference (6 days, 8 hours per day = 48 hours)
  • 10 Virtual Lectures (1 hour each = 10 hours)
  • 10 Virtual Discussions (1 hour each = 10 hours)
  • 10 Activities (1.5 hours each = 15 hours)
  • Required/Optional Readings (10 modules, 2.5 hours each = 30 hours)
  • Project Development (1 project, 12 hours = 12 hours)
  • Total: 125 hours

We Currently Have An Open Health Security Futures Fellowship Opportunities.

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