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October 01, 2021

HSP Hosts Workshop on Effective and Responsible Use of Social Media in Malaysia

HSP recently hosted a virtual workshop titled Effective and Responsible Use of Social Media for Health Security Communication in Malaysia from June 14-18, 2021. This workshop was organized in collaboration with the Malaysian Biosecurity and Biosafety Association (MBBA) and the Science and Technology Research Institute for Defense (STRIDE), and trained participants on how to effectively use social media for risk communication and countering misinformation and disinformation. Workshop … Continue Reading

September 24, 2021

HSP Partner ABM Spreads Biosafety Knowledge To Prevent COVID-19 Transmission

HSP’s Pakistani partners, the Association for Biorisk Management (ABM), have been working tirelessly to protect their country from the COVID-19 pandemic, volunteering their time and expertise to engage diverse community members on best practices to slow viral transmission. The group has utilized diverse avenues of communication, including radio spots, social media campaigns, and in-person programming to educate various communities. This impressively widespread outreach has included, but … Continue Reading

September 24, 2021

Request for Proposals - Surveillance for the Detection of SARS CoV-2 at the Human-Animal-Environment Interface - INDONESIA

RFP for Surveillance for the Detection of SARS-CoV-2 at the human-animal-environment interface_IndonesiaIn partnership with the CDC, HSP has developed the following Request for Proposals (RFP) and related templates and guidance. Please follow the proposal development and submission instructions closely. Applicants should submit their applications as soon as possible. The proposal submission deadline is 15 October 2021.HSP is available to answer any questions that come up during the proposal … Continue Reading

September 23, 2021

Request for Proposals - Surveillance for the Detection of SARS CoV-2 at the Human-Animal-Environment Interface - THAILAND

HSP, in partnership with the CDC, has developed the following Request for Proposals (RFP) and related templates and guidance. Please follow the proposal development and submission instructions closely. Applicants should submit their applications as soon as possible. The proposal submission deadline is 15 October 2021.HSP is available to answer any questions that come up during the proposal writing and submission process. Please do not hesitate to contact us.RFP_Project … Continue Reading

August 26, 2021

HSP Consultant Leads Brucellosis Prevention Trainings in Ethiopia

Though much of HSP’s work exists in a virtual space due to the ongoing pandemic, in-person trainings are still happening in a few parts of the globe, providing hands-on knowledge and expertise to healthcare workers. In Yabelo, Ethiopia, HSP consultant Dr. Fanaye Dadi is currently hosting a series of trainings for human and animal health practitioners on preventing the transmission of brucellosis. Brucellosis is a zoonotic bacterial disease which affects both humans and livestock, and thus … Continue Reading

August 20, 2021

HSP hosts Second Consultative Meeting On Personnel Reliability Programs

While having reliable personnel is important in any field, in the health and life sciences sector, where dangerous materials are handled and stored in institutions across sectors, personnel reliability is paramount to biosafety and biosecurity, particularly to safeguard against insider threats. To increase awareness and promote and facilitate the implementation of personnel reliability programs (PRPs), HSP convened the second regional biosecurity meeting for experts from Indonesia, … Continue Reading

August 16, 2021

Countering Low Effort Biothreats from Toxins Workshop For Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines

From July 7th to July 16th, 2021, Health Security Partners (HSP) and the Indonesian Biorisk Association (IBA) collaboratively hosted a virtual workshop on Countering Low Effort Biothreats from Toxins. We convened 26 multi-sector biosecurity stakeholders from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines to raise awareness and discuss how to prevent, detect and respond to threats from the misuse of toxins. During the workshop, law enforcement personnel discussed contemporary incidents of toxin misuse … Continue Reading

July 06, 2021

HSP and Libyan Partners Complete Phase I of Biorisk Officer Training Program

HSP has completed a series of virtual modules for Phase 1 of the Biorisk Officer training program for laboratory professionals from the human and animal health sector in Libya. Phase 1 provided participants with foundational knowledge of biosafety and biosecurity, focused on conducting risk assessments and developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), hierarchy of controls and risk mitigation measures, as well as emergency response, incident reporting and learning. Phase 1, comprised … Continue Reading

May 18, 2021

HSP and FETP Indonesia Host First Consultative Meeting

On May 4th , 2021, HSP and FETP-Indonesia hosted the first in a series of virtual consultative meetings to share experience, lessons learned and best practices among field epidemiology training programs (FETPs) in Asia. The meeting started with opening remarks from Dr. William Hawley, Director of USCDC-Indonesia and Dr. Prima Yosephine, Indonesian FETP Coordinator and Director of Surveillance & Health Quarantine, Indonesian Ministry of Health. Dr. Dr. Agnes Segarra, Director of the … Continue Reading

April 23, 2021

HSP Facilitates Biosecurity Expert Discussion on COVID-19

On March 29th, Health Security Partners facilitated a discussion among biosecurity experts from Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines on biosecurity challenges related to the current COVID-19 pandemic.These challenges include increased lab capacity to test for SARS-COV2 without appropriate biosecurity measures and training, the security of samples containing the virus in transport to and from labs, and the propagation and potential modification of SARS-COV2 in research, amongst other … Continue Reading

April 01, 2021

HSP Trains Hundreds Of Pakistani Veterinarians, Laboratory Staff In Biorisk Management

HSP in collaboration with our partner, the Association For Biorisk Management (ABM), recently completed 30 Biorisk Management basic trainings in the Pakistani Provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Balochistan, and Punjab. These sessions have trained 675 veterinary officers, veterinary assistants, and laboratory staff on how to safely operate and maintain their laboratories, in accordance with the highest international standards.These trainings will ensure that Pakistan’s animal health … Continue Reading

March 22, 2021

HSP, Local Partners Train A Cohort Of Female Veterinarians In Pakistan

In Pakistan, HSP along with our partners, the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC)’s Dr. Zahida Fatima and the Association For Biorisk Management, recently held a five-day One Health training for female veterinarians. This training was designed to provide 40 female veterinarians with best practices for prevention, detection, and response to zoonotic diseases. The continuing education and networking will also help the participants to expand their work opportunities in health promotion … Continue Reading

March 10, 2021

HSP Delivers Presentation At The Malaysian Biosafety & Biosecurity Association’s Annual Meeting

A few weeks ago, HSP’s Director of Scientific Programs & Engagement, Dr. Prasad Kuduvalli, delivered a presentation at the Malaysian Biosafety & Biosecurity Association (MBBA)’s annual general meeting.The presentation entitled, “International Engagement For Biosecurity”, covered current issues in biosecurity, such as threats from SARS-CoV-2, toxins, emerging biotechnologies, and gaps in capacity, as well as how HSP is working with regional partners to strengthen capacity to prevent misuse of … Continue Reading

March 08, 2021

HSP Announces New Associates

Despite the pandemic, HSP has continued to grow in order to help serve so many communities around the world by building their health capacity, combating antimicrobial resistance, and increasing biosafety and biosecurity.Given HSP’s recent expansion, we have brought on two more very talented individuals to help us on our mission. Our new Associates, Deanna Pistono and Anke Kotze have already made great contributions to our team and we are looking forward to all they will accomplish during their … Continue Reading

March 02, 2021

HSP Leads Epidemiology Training For Indonesian Military Hospitals

Recently, HSP led a three-day, virtual epidemiology workshop with 32 staff members from the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI)’s hospitals in Java, Indonesia. Much like in the United States, COVID-19 has highlighted Indonesia’s need for sustained investment in the global health workforce. Currently, there is a lack of health professionals with epidemiology training in Indonesia and trainings like these will help build capacity. The training, which was held from November 23-25, 2020, … Continue Reading

March 01, 2021

HSP, Malaysian Biosafety & Biosecurity Association Host Biorisk Management Webinar Series For COVID-19 Testing Laboratories

Recently, HSP and the Malaysian Biosafety & Biosecurity Association (MBBA), hosted a biorisk management webinar series over a five-week period at the end of 2020, for 30 staff members from COVID-19 testing laboratories across Malaysia.Though the international community has heralded Malaysia’s COVID response, a third wave of infections in October 2020 created the need for significantly more COVID-19 diagnostic testing. To fulfill this need, HSP and MBBA designed this webinar … Continue Reading

February 26, 2021

HSP, INDOHUN Hold “Soft Skills” Training With GHSA Leaders To Improve Multi-Sector Coordination, Communication

In January, HSP and our partner the Indonesian One Health University Network (INDOHUN), led two training modules focused on building soft skills for a cohort of Indonesian Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) Leaders fellows.Often health security training programs offer instruction on technical skills but do not train their participants on soft skills, like interpersonal communication, listening, and time management. However, these skills are crucial to advancing science-based policy … Continue Reading

February 25, 2021

HSP Participates In Indonesian University’s Webinar On Fostering Biosafety, Biosecurity, Responsible Conduct In Science Research

Recently, HSP’s Director of Scientific Programs and Engagement, Dr. Prasad Kuduvalli, was invited to speak at IPB University’s international webinar on biosafety, biosecurity, and responsible conduct in science. During the webinar, which occurred on December 20th, 2020, Dr. Kuduvalli discussed how cutting-edge research at universities is integral to growing the bio-economy and how institutional oversight mechanisms should be put in place, to protect this research from misuse or exploitation by … Continue Reading

February 23, 2021

HSP Convenes Virtual Summit With Turkish Students, Faculty To Reinforce Biosecurity, Biosafety At Pathogen-Handling Laboratories

Last week, HSP convened a group of thirty student laboratory personnel and faculty members from the Izmir Institute of Technology (IYTE), to help reinforce and strengthen the biorisk management practices at the university’s labs.At IYTE’s labs, pathogens like Brucella and Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, are routinely studied as part of the university’s research program. Thus, creating the need for a laboratory environment with the utmost biosafety and biosecurity.During the … Continue Reading

February 22, 2021

HSP Holds Training With Female Community Health Workers To Raise COVID-19 Awareness In Pakistan

In Pakistan, HSP and Association for Biorisk Management (ABM) staff member, Dr. Mahzaib Malik, recently held a training with ten Lady Health Workers, who specialize in healthcare for women and children, in order to help raise awareness about COVID-19.Given societal norms in Pakistan, female community health workers provide essential healthcare services to women and children in impoverish urban and rural areas, where there can be a lack of information about COVID-19 and how to prevent it.During … Continue Reading

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