March 14, 2023

HSP and Association for Biorisk Management, Pakistan Host Provincial Consultative Workshop on Biorisk Management Policy Development for Balochistan from March 9-10, 2023

Health Security Partners in collaboration with its local implementing partner in Pakistan, the Association of Biorisk Management (ABM), conducted a two-day provincial workshop in Quetta from March 9-10 to deliberate upon the draft Biorisk Management Policy for Balochistan. The draft policy document is being developed by HSP subject matter experts in consultation with project stakeholders and the Technical Working Group. Thirty stakeholders and subject matter experts from the Livestock and Dairy Development Department, Health Departments, Environment, Wildlife and academia participated in the event. Through interactive sessions, participants engaged in robust discussions and provided recommendations on the draft policy document. Following the workshop, HSP and partners at ABM will continue to refine the policy document prior to hosting another workshop for further recommendations from national-level representatives and subject matter experts.

Day 2-527 - Cecelia Madsen