July 13, 2022

HSP and the Indonesian Biorisk Association (IBA) Held a Follow-up to the May 2022 Introductory Workshop for Producers and Users of Mobile Laboratories

On July 1, 2022, HSP and the Indonesian Biorisk Association (IBA) held a follow-up to the May 2022 introductory workshop for producers and users of mobile laboratories in Indonesia. Participants of this hybrid workshop, including mobile laboratory facilities managers, employees, safety officers, and engineers from around the country, convened in Bogor, Indonesia. After reviewing key highlights from the previous workshop, participants were introduced to a mobile laboratory auditing checklist developed by HSP and IBA and trained to use the checklist to conduct self-evaluations of their laboratory facilities. In the afternoon, participants practiced using the tools and procedures shared in the morning session in an interactive simulation of a mobile laboratory audit. After this workshop, participants will conduct audits of their facilities, supported by the experts at the IBA. Challenge grants and facility upgrades will be competitively awarded to address any institutional gaps. Mobile laboratories in Indonesia have been vital to COVID-19 response and testing capacity in the country – allowing the rapid establishment of testing sites to respond to the high testing demand. HSP thanks the IBA for supporting the event and the participants for all of their hard work to improve safety and security in their home institutions.