March 24, 2023

HSP and the Indonesian Biorisk Association (IBA) Successfully Host Two Day Training on Biological Toxin Detection and Response for Indonesian Law Enforcement

On 16 and 17 March 2023, 33 participants from police units across Indonesia gathered for the Intermediate Workshop for Biological Toxin Detection and Response conducted in collaboration with the IBA. The workshop focused on best practices for responding to biological threat agents, including ways to identify the type of biological threat at hand, and a breakdown of the health effects associated with exposure to different toxins such as ricin, abrin, and curcin. The workshop culminated with a series of situational exercises where participants responded to the discovery of a potential CBRN event. Teams were required to develop a written Incident Action Plan (IAP) and were then observed throughout the scenarios as they implemented these action plans and communicated with and between units to ensure coordinated response efforts. HSP thanks all participants of this important training program and is looking forward to future engagements with Indonesian law enforcement!