November 02, 2020

HSP Celebrates Senior Staff Member’s Selection To The International Federation Of Biosafety Associations’ Equity Coordinating Committee

Washington, DC - Health Security Partners (HSP) celebrated the International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA)’s announcement of the members on their Equity-Focused Coordinating Committee (ECC), which includes HSP’s Director of Scientific Programs & Engagement, Dr. Prasad Kuduvalli.

The members of the ECC serve for two-year terms, alongside the IFBA Secretariat and governance, to help steer IFBA’s biosafety and biosecurity program work, through their global network, towards more equitable practices and a culture of inclusivity.

“I am honored to have been selected to serve on the IFBA-ECC. We know that no single group or country has a monopoly on great ideas to improve biosafety and biosecurity. Increasing gender and intersectional equity in our field, not only ensures safety and security culture in our laboratories, but it will also further advance the science in new, innovative ways,” said Kuduvalli. “I thank IFBA for this opportunity and look forward to our work together over these next two years.”

In addition to Dr. Kuduvalli, the committee includes a diverse group of experts from countries around the world, including Bulgaria, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Singapore.

For more information about the ECC, click here.