March 10, 2021

HSP Delivers Presentation At The Malaysian Biosafety & Biosecurity Association’s Annual Meeting

A few weeks ago, HSP’s Director of Scientific Programs & Engagement, Dr. Prasad Kuduvalli, delivered a presentation at the Malaysian Biosafety & Biosecurity Association (MBBA)’s annual general meeting.

The presentation entitled, “International Engagement For Biosecurity”, covered current issues in biosecurity, such as threats from SARS-CoV-2, toxins, emerging biotechnologies, and gaps in capacity, as well as how HSP is working with regional partners to strengthen capacity to prevent misuse of biological materials and expertise.

National and regional biosafety and biosecurity associations like MBBA are critical because they advocate for the profession and serve as the epicenters of multi-sector capacity building for safe and secure health systems and life science research. Thus, they are extremely important elements of a country’s biosecurity infrastructure. HSP works with many regional biosafety and biosafety organizations around the world.

HSP is proud of its strong partnership with MBBA, having worked with them for almost a decade.