May 06, 2020

HSP Health Security Futures Fellows Take Action To Combat COVID-19 In Yemen

In Yemen, protracted conflict has created the conditions for rampant and uncontrolled COVID-19 spread. In response, our Yemeni Health Security Futures Fellows have been acting as champions of health security and leveraging local resources to raise awareness, train health and laboratory professionals to enhance preparedness, and support the response to COVID-19 infections in their cities.

Here are a few examples of what they have been able to do:

  • Conduct an “Infection Control and Medical Waste Management for COVID-19” Training: Fellows provided participants working in health care facilities with crucial information regarding the disease epidemiology, as well as standard precautions such as proper use of PPE and waste management.
  • Distribute Translated COVID-19 Related WHO Laboratory Biosafety Guidance: In addition to translating and distributing WHO guidance to laboratories, Fellows shared brochures regarding COVID-19 disease prevention and misinformation with lab staff.
  • Provide Accessible COVID-19 Outreach: Fellows educated community members about disease information, misinformation, and prevention practices through video, posters placed in public settings/health centers, small lectures, and targeted social media activity. To ensure the information was accessible and relevant to the general public, Fellows used non-technical language, visuals and Arabic translations of CDC and WHO guidance.
  • Develop Targeted Awareness Raising Efforts on Social Distancing: Due to the threat of overcrowding at markets, especially during the month of Ramadan, Fellows developed and distributed posters and pamphlets aimed at preventing COVID-19 transmission and infection in public spaces.
  • Donate Supplies to Those in NeedFellows distributed bedding, blankets, and tents (200) for those in quarantine.