February 22, 2021

HSP Holds Training With Female Community Health Workers To Raise COVID-19 Awareness In Pakistan

In Pakistan, HSP and Association for Biorisk Management (ABM) staff member, Dr. Mahzaib Malik, recently held a training with ten Lady Health Workers, who specialize in healthcare for women and children, in order to help raise awareness about COVID-19.

Given societal norms in Pakistan, female community health workers provide essential healthcare services to women and children in impoverish urban and rural areas, where there can be a lack of information about COVID-19 and how to prevent it.

During the training at Kaley Saeed Abad Mustung in Balochistan, Dr. Mahzaib discussed and/or demonstrated the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, hygienic importance of handwashing, use of sanitizers, social distancing, and proper use and disposal of masks. The importance of these measures and their relevance to public health was also explicitly discussed.

The ten Lady Health Workers said they deeply appreciated the training and that they would share this information with their patients and the broader community, in order to help combat COVID-19.