July 10, 2020

HSP Partner Educates Pakistani Nomadic Shepherds On How To Protect Themselves From COVID-19

In Pakistan, HSP Partner, the Association for Biorisk Management (ABM)’s Veterinary cohort, recently traveled to the mountainous region of Loralai in Balochistan in order to educate nomadic shepherds in that region about COVID-19. This effort is an incredibly important part of Pakistan’s fight against COVID-19 because these shepherds are prone to contracting and spreading different diseases because they frequently travel, while herding their animals and searching for new pastures.

During a two-session series, ABM educated the shepherds about COVID-19’s causes, symptoms, and the various precautionary measures that can be taken. Some of the precautionary measures discussed included: proper handwashing, wearing surgical masks in crowded places, social distancing, and avoiding shaking hands. At the conclusion of the training, the shepherds in attendance promised to spread the word to others in the herding and nomadic communities.