September 18, 2023

“Strengthening Biosecurity and Cyberbiosecurity Best Practices” Workshop - Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

On 13, 14, 15 September 2023, a 3-day workshop was held on “Strengthening Biosecurity and Cyberbiosecurity Best Practices” in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. The workshop was organized by Health Security Partners (HSP) in collaboration and support with the International Science and Technology Centre (ISTC). The workshop was led by subject matter expert, Dr. Maria Espona. Presentations on supplemenatal topics were provided by Professor Elmira Akmatova, Dr. Jyldyz Sydygalieva, Dr. Gulmira Kalmambetova, Taalaibek Bektashev, Dr. Damira Ashyralieva, Aigul Dzhaparova, Daniil Schauer. Twenty-five academia, laboratory, medical, research, and IT professionals from across the Kyrgyz Republic participated in the workshop. They participated in lectures, breakout group discussions and guideline development. Participants identified gaps in biosecurity, biosafety, and cybersecurity in their institutions. Based on these gaps, they recognized possible solutions. The solutions were used as the basis in the know-your-customer and due diligence guideline development. A virtual cyberbiosecurity session will be arranged with Dr. Mariam Elgabry, CEO and founder of Bronic Ltd, in the coming weeks. Participants who attended the workshop will have the opportunity to apply for challenge grants following the workshop. These grants will support participants in the implementation and improvement of biosafety, biosecurity, and cyberbiosecurity strategies at their respective institutions. Regional learning and sharing of experience from this workshop are encouraged to improve the gaps that are present in biosafety and biosecurity. We sincerely thank all participants for their active engagement throughout the workshop and willingness to share their knowledge in biosafety, biosecurity and cybersecurity.