August 15, 2023

UPDATE! Cybersecurity workshop for Urban Cooperative Banks (UCBs) in India

Excited to share an update on our recent cybersecurity workshop for Urban Cooperative Banks (UCBs) in India! On August 2-4, 2023, Health Security Partners (HSP) and Synclature Consultancy continued the virtual event, focusing on critical cybersecurity topics to bolster the resilience of India's financial institutions against cyber threats. The workshop covered key areas such as security awareness for emails, user access management of sensitive information, data privacy rights, and principles, as well as data backup, restoration, and disaster recovery. Participants engaged actively, applying their new knowledge to real-life scenarios, while experts from Synclature provided valuable guidance. We are thrilled to equip UCB representatives with essential cybersecurity practices, setting the stage for stronger, safer banking environments in the country. #Cybersecurity #Finance #HSP #SynclatureConsultancy #BankingSecurity #IndiaFinance