June 14, 2023

Health Security Partners and Ibb University Train Yemeni Academics on Biorisk Management

On 12 – 14 June, Health Security Partners (HSP) and Ibb University convened 13 Yemeni life sciences professors for the “Teaching Biorisk Management at Yemeni Universities—TTT Workshop,” in Taiz, Yemen. HSP and Ibb University mentors trained on various topics relating to laboratory biorisk management fundamentals and instruction best practices, including promoting a culture of biosafety/biosecurity, biorisk assessment and performance, and pedagogical best practices for university-based biorisk management instruction. HSP and Ibb University also debuted a unique BRM Course Template, which participants will use to facilitate formal BRM instruction to undergraduate students at their respective universities. HSP is particularly thankful to the Ibb University mentors, Dr. Muneer Alsayadi and Dr. Abeer Esmail, for co-organizing this event and their commitment to empowering the next generation of Yemeni scientists with laboratory biosafety and biosecurity skills.