June 16, 2023

Health Security Partners Collaborates with the CDC for a Point Prevalence Survey (PPS)

Health Security Partners collaborated with the CDC to conduct a three-day training and pilot a point prevalence survey (PPS) for healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in the Philippines. Staff and principal investigators at Makati Medical Center received an overview of PPS methodologies, performed medical record reviews, assessed patient eligibility & HAI criteria, and performed data entry into a REDCap survey tool, designed specifically for the pilot. Staff at MMC also provided feedback on the feasibility of obtaining, extracting, and entering clinical data for the PPS. Since the training, the HSP-CDC team has been developing standard operating procedures for the GAIHN-HAI PPS, including refining the data collection tool and modifying the requested data elements. These procedures will assist facilities throughout the GAIHN-HAI networks with conducting surveys to assess their HAI burden and inform healthcare quality improvement projects.