April 21, 2023

Health Security Partners, the Brazilian Biosafety & Biosecurity Society (SB3), and Argentinian partners - Biorisk Management for High-Containment Laboratories

On April 27 and 28, Health Security Partners (HSP), the Brazilian Biosafety & Biosecurity Society (SB3), and Argentinian partners will host a virtual workshop on Biorisk Management for High-Containment Laboratories. The workshop will bring together 42 Brazilian and Argentinian laboratory professionals that are working with high consequence pathogens in high containment laboratories. During the workshop, national and international biosafety and biosecurity experts will train participants on how to implement effective biosafety, biosecurity, and cyberbiosecurity best practices in their respective laboratories. Speakers will also share checklists that can be used to review current Biorisk Management (BRM) capacity and identify areas for improvement to meet the ISO 35001 international standard and the WHO Biosafety Manual 4th Edition. Upon completion of the workshop, participant institutions will be assisted by local experts to conduct risk assessments and gaps analyses, which will inform challenge grant support to address these gaps.