April 10, 2023

HSP Biosecurity Champions Fellow selected as a Global Young Academy member

Dr. Wasim Sajjad, a former Biosecurity Champions Fellow at HSP, is selected to join the Global Young Academy (GYA) as a member. In June 2023, Dr. Sajjad will start his five-year GYA membership term. The Global Young Academy is dedicated to a wide range of global programmes that encourage international and interdisciplinary cooperation, assist young researchers in their work, foster science policy discussions, and promote science to a wide audience. Dr. Sajjad is one of 41 individuals nominated internationally in 2023 for the GYA. In addition to Dr. Sajjad's engagement with HSP as a Biosecurity Champions Fellow in 2021, Dr. Sajjad also received the HSP-PBSA IFBA BRM Exam scholarship and earned professional certification in biorisk management. Outside of HSP, Dr. Sajjad has participated in the Biosecurity Diplomacy Workshop 2022 offered by the UNODA along with 30 other young scientists from the Global South. Dr. Sajjad was also invited to participate in an international S&T Conference in preparation for the Ninth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention by the UNODA Geneva office. Dr. Sajjad has a broad range of work experience in government, industry, and academia. HSP is happy to support his participation in the GYA Annual General Meeting and is confident that his participation will foster science outreach and education at the national and international forums. Find the official GYA announcement here: https://globalyoungacademy.net/welcome-new-members-2023/