June 27, 2022

HSP and BRAP2015 to Conduct Three-Phased Training on Biosecurity Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Health Security Partners is pleased to partner with the BioRisk Association of the Philippines (BRAP2015) to deliver a three-phased training on biosecurity risk assessment and mitigation. Biosecurity implementation is a key element of biorisk management. Recently published international biorisk management standards (ISO 35001:2019) and the WHO Biosafety Manual 4th Edition require robust biosecurity risk assessments as part of implementation and compliance. Taken together, there is an urgent need to train biorisk professionals on how to conduct proper biosecurity risk assessments and develop mitigation measures for their institutions, as this is the first critical step to implementing biosecurity. Phase 1 of the training will begin virtually on 20 July 2022, and participants will include 15 biorisk officers from Philippine laboratories handling high consequence pathogens. Stay tuned for future announcements on this three-phased training.