June 20, 2022

HSP and the Research Institute of Tropical Medicine to Develop and Deliver a Virtual Program in Biorisk Management

HSP has kicked off conversations with the BioRisk Management Office (BRMO) at the Research Institute of Tropical Medicine (RITM) in the Philippines to develop and deliver a virtual program in biorisk management for laboratories across the country. This project will convert RITM’s proven biorisk management training program from an in-person training to a modular virtual course hosted on a learning management platform. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, RITM saw a need for this course in the virtual format, as training demands exceeded what in-person training could accommodate, limiting the number of eligible participants. This need compounded during the pandemic when in-person implementation faced even more logistical issues. In addition, with the recent publication of WHO’s Laboratory Biosafety Manual 4th Edition, it is a beneficial time to update the previously developed training materials. By converting this course to a virtual format, RITM will be able to expand the reach of their program, allowing participants to gain knowledge in biorisk management in a flexible manner. HSP is looking forward to continued collaboration with RITM-BRMO for this project.