December 10, 2022

HSP and Ibb University Chemical Security Workshops in Yemen

From November 24-25 and November 28-29, Health Security Partners (HSP) and Ibb University conducted two, in-person training workshops on chemical security and emergency management in Yemeni university laboratories in Ibb and Sana’a, Yemen.

These workshops convened stakeholders from academia, including chemistry faculty and university leadership, to raise awareness on chemical security issues facing university labs in Yemen and discussed best practices to protect their institutions. These engagements built on previous virtual chemical security and safety training efforts and encouraged the development of standard operating procedures pertaining to chemical risk management including response to emergencies at university laboratories. These workshops featured case studies, table-top activities, and risk-assessment exercises to promote collaboration and discussion.

HSP is grateful for this opportunity to work with Ibb University and looks forward to hosting similar trainings in Alhodaidah, Hadramout, and Seyoun in the very near future.

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