January 27, 2023

HSP and One Health Stakeholders Meeting

Last week Health Security Partners staff, Kate Taylor, traveled to Jakarta to support the U.S. CDC One Health Office-funded meeting on Zoonotic Respiratory Disease Surveillance in Indonesia. HSP and U.S. CDC colleagues met with CDC Indonesia, the Indonesian Ministries of Agriculture, Health, Environment & Forestry, and the Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture to learn more about the current zoonotic respiratory disease surveillance activities in Indonesia and discuss where opportunities for One Health surveillance in the nation. One Health is a team sport where collaboration and coordination among all relevant sectors (human-animal-environment) is necessary to combat zoonotic disease threats in a more effective, efficient, and sustainable way.

Learn more about the One Health approach at: https://www.cdc.gov/onehealth/what-we-do/zoonotic-disease-prioritization/index.html

HSP staff, U.S. CDC, CDC Indonesia, and Ministry colleagues during the One Health Stakeholders Meeting on 1/20/23, showing some One Health love holding up finger hearts!