December 05, 2022

HSP and the Association for Biorisk Management to Host National-Level Institutional Biosafety Committee Consultative Workshop in January 2023

Health Security Partners and the Association for Biorisk Management Pakistan are continuing their collaboration on a project to establish and strengthen Institutional Biosafety Committees (IBCs) at Partner Universities in Pakistan. The next phase of the work will kick off with a One-day National Level IBC Consultative Workshop to be conducted in Islamabad on January 5, 2023. The workshop will bring together university leadership and experts across fifteen participating universities. During the workshop, the HSP and ABM teams will discuss a conceptual framework for the institutional-level implementation of Pakistan biosafety rules and regulations through the establishment and strengthening of IBCs in partner universities. Participants will work collaboratively with HSP and ABM experts to develop a plan for IBC establishment and discuss potential challenges in IBC rules, responsibilities, implementation, and establishment, and possible solutions. Following the workshop, HSP and ABM teams will host two-day workshops with individual universities to discuss best practices for IBC implementation in each academic context.