August 26, 2021

HSP Consultant Leads Brucellosis Prevention Trainings in Ethiopia

Though much of HSP’s work exists in a virtual space due to the ongoing pandemic, in-person trainings are still happening in a few parts of the globe, providing hands-on knowledge and expertise to healthcare workers.  

In Yabelo, Ethiopia, HSP consultant Dr. Fanaye Dadi is currently hosting a series of trainings for human and animal health practitioners on preventing the transmission of brucellosis. Brucellosis is a zoonotic bacterial disease which affects both humans and livestock, and thus requires both human and animal health practitioners to be fully engaged in its prevention.  

Brucellosis is transmitted via contact with infected animals or through the ingestion of contaminated dairy or meat. To avoid contracting brucellosis and/or subsequently transmitting the disease, livestock holders can implement simple interventions, such as boiling milk, thoroughly cooking meat, and wearing gloves or other protection while assisting in animal births.  

Per the World Health Organization, 3 out of 4 new and emerging diseases come from zoonotic or animal sources. As such, trainings like Dr. Dadi’s are imperative in preventing outbreaks and potential pandemics.