August 20, 2021

HSP hosts Second Consultative Meeting On Personnel Reliability Programs

While having reliable personnel is important in any field, in the health and life sciences sector, where dangerous materials are handled and stored in institutions across sectors, personnel reliability is paramount to biosafety and biosecurity, particularly to safeguard against insider threats. To increase awareness and promote and facilitate the implementation of personnel reliability programs (PRPs), HSP convened the second regional biosecurity meeting for experts from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines on August 10th, 2021.   

This meeting featured a lecture by Dr. Barbara Johnson, former president of the American Biological Safety Association, on PRP implementation in the U.S. The presentation sparked robust discussion around how PRPs could be structured and implemented in a sustainable manner within specific national and organizational circumstances in Southeast Asia.

As a next step, a small group of experts will develop a stepwise guideline for institutions in the region to develop and sustain PRPs.