November 13, 2020

HSP Fellow Develops Biosafety, Biosecurity Guide For High School Students

In Pakistan, HSP Health Security Futures Fellow, Faizan Ahmad, has developed a biosafety and biosecurity guide, as well as the corresponding workshop, for high school students in both English and Urdu, as part of his fellowship project with HSP.

Usually, the laboratory experiments performed in high schools are low risk. However, under certain circumstances both teachers and students may still be at risk of contracting various infections. This manual will give students the proper training on biosafety and biosecurity best practices in the lab, as well as establish a comprehensive foundation for future course work, if they wish to pursue science in higher education or as a career.

This guide covers basic concepts of biosafety and biosecurity, such as the importance of and steps involved in proper hand washing, the concept of donning and doffing, how to handle spills, how to properly dispose of waste, hazard symbols and their importance, as well as the responsibilities of teachers and students while working in the laboratory.