December 08, 2020

HSP Leads Biorisk Management Training For Indonesian Armed Forces’ Health Institutions

Recently, HSP completed a three-day virtual, intermediate biorisk management training for 32 professionals from the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI)’s hospitals in Java, Indonesia. The training, which ran from November 19th to November 21st, is important because it helps strengthen both biosafety and biosecurity in Indonesia’s military medical sector, as they deal with more high-consequence pathogens like COVID-19.

The HSP-led training team consisted of U.S. and Indonesian experts, that provided three days of intensive training sessions. The training team used lectures, exercises, and case studies to cover topics, like the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle, Assessment-Mitigation-Performance (AMP) model for biorisk management systems, the Indonesian government’s biorisk management standard (ISO 35001:2019), various personal competencies, and how to use a locally developed lab audit checklist.

Participants were highly engaged throughout the three days and demonstrated a significant increase in knowledge, which is evident in the difference between their pre-tests and post-tests. The median pre-test score was 47%, whereas the median post-test score was 80%. This workshop was part of a multi-year series of health security trainings to build TNI’s capacity.