December 08, 2021

HSP Hosts First Zoonoses Control Committee Workshop in Punjab

In partnership with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, along with the Association for Biorisk Management in Pakistan, Health Security Partners completed a three-day workshop establishing Zoonoses Control Committees (ZCCs) for integrated surveillance, detection, and reporting of high-risk pathogens in Punjab.  

This capacity-building event engaged 34 members of Punjab’s public health, animal health and environment sectors, including faculty and staff members from various institutes for higher education, senior managers, master trainers and technicians. Participants were briefed during the workshop on the importance of cross-sectoral communication, coordination, and collaboration for zoonotic disease control in Punjab. The interactive nature of the workshop was received well by participants, who, in addition to representing all major groups engaged in zoonotic disease control, constituted a gender-balanced group of stakeholders. During sessions designated for groupwork, workshop participants prepared a detailed roadmap for the establishment of ZCCs. Health Security Partners looks forward to the continuing development of these committees in the new year.