December 03, 2021

Pakistan’s Association for Biorisk Management (ABM) Reaches Diverse Audience Via COVID-19 Awareness Sessions

HSP is always thrilled when our cohort members go on to assist and benefit their communities, especially community members who may not be reached by initial government messaging. Consequently, HSP is pleased to report that members of Pakistan’s Association for Biorisk Management (ABM) – which includes HSP Vet Cohort members – conducted wide-ranging awareness raising sessions in Pakistan.  

These sessions were conducted on a voluntary basis and reached several demographics within Pakistan. Notable populations engaged include 8 household waste collectors, 48 livestock keepers, 20 school children and teachers, religious leaders, and 10 working women over the course of 40 COVID-19 Awareness sessions. The total number of participants was 628 people.  

For more specific details on ABM’s reach and volunteer activities during this period, HSP invites you to review the following publication: ABM Volunteer Activities