April 30, 2024

World Immunization Week

Today, April 30, marks the last day of World Immunization Week. Health Security Partners is proud to highlight the impact of vaccinations, especially as vaccine preventable disease outbreaks are on the rise globally following the COVID-19 pandemic. In early April, HSP supported two Indonesian Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) students studying at University Diponegoro to respond to an outbreak of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) in Kendal, Central Java. Both students identified a need in the affected district for increased information, education, and communication regarding the dangers of DHF and the various ways to mitigate outbreaks, including immunization. The World Health Organization has developed a guide that provides quick tips to community representatives to help people get vaccinated. Follow this link to find content that can be tailored for your community, wherever you may be!: https://who.canto.global/pdfviewer/viewer/viewer.html?v=WorldImmunizationWeek&portalType=v%2FWorldImmunizationWeek&column=presentation&id=ukrutb64ep6p9eiqk2ot7ugq6j&suffix=ppt&from=landingpage