May 10, 2024

The Biden-Harris Administration Releases Strategy to Strengthen Global Health Security

A few weeks ago, the White House unveiled The 2024 U.S. Global Health Security Strategy (GHSS), detailing three primary objectives to steer the United States' efforts in advancing global health security. 1. Strengthening global health security capacity through bilateral partnerships. The U.S. aims to collaborate with 50 nations, fostering capabilities in at least five critical areas of global health security (GHS). This involves promoting country-led initiatives, and meticulously monitoring progress towards bridging gaps in preparedness and response capabilities. 2. Catalyzing political commitment, financing, and leadership to achieve health Continuing its drive, the U.S. seeks to bolster global policies, engaging in negotiations for a Pandemic Accord and targeted amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR). This includes expediting commitments made by the G7 to provide economic support to several low- and middle-income countries. 3. Increasing linkages between health security and complementary programs to maximize impact. The US is committed to fostering stronger connections between existing GHS initiatives and other health, development, and security programs. This strategy aims to enhance sustainability, optimize resource utilization, and yield better outcomes. These concerted efforts are geared towards fortifying global health and economies, enabling better identification and mitigation of risks stemming from emerging pandemics and other health security threats.