December 23, 2020

HSP Partner Holds COVID-19 Safety Training At Local Schools To Protect Students, Teachers

In Pakistan, HSP Partner and Association for Biorisk Management (ABM) staff member, Mehboob Khan, recently held COVID-19 safety training sessions at two schools in the most crowded areas in Quetta.

COVID-19 has forced many of Pakistan’s schools, colleges, and universities to close for much of the year. However, the Pakistani government recently decided to reopen schools and put in place standard operating procedures (SOPs) mandating social distancing and mask use. Despite the government’s guidance, there is evidence that the SOPs are not being followed, which is why additional measures need to be taken to ensure compliance.

During the sessions, Mr. Khan discussed topics like social distancing, handwashing, mask-wearing, and ways to avoid other close physical contact, with the students and teachers at Faculty Model High School and Iqra Public Middle School. He also practiced handwashing and demonstrated the correct way to wear a mask with the students. School Administration officials were incredibly pleased with the training and thanked Mr. Khan for his important efforts.