May 02, 2022

HSP's Dr. Muhammad Usman Zaheer Appears on National Television to Speak About Importance of Vaccinations

Last week was World Immunization Week. Our team here at HSP would like to highlight one of our own, Dr. Muhammad Usman Zaheer, who leads HSP’s animal health surveillance efforts for the Fleming Fund Country Grant Team in Pakistan, who appeared on national television in Pakistan on April 25. He highlighted the importance of using vaccinations against food-and-mouth disease (FMD) and Lumpy Skin disease (LSD), in food-producing animals. These vaccinations ensure food security and food safety, prevent zoonotic diseases, and help combat antimicrobial resistance. Health Security Partners wants to emphasize the crucial role that immunizations play in protecting the health and welfare of animals. In food-producing terrestrial animals, use of prophylactic and emergency vaccinations against infectious and transboundary animal diseases such as FMD and LSD is essential to ensure food security, food safety, global health security and sustainable development goals. These immunizations also complement efforts to combat antimicrobial resistance by decreasing the need for antimicrobial use. There is dire need for sustained funding and political commitment to address health and productivity of animals by investing in disease surveillance and diagnostics through trained personnel, infrastructure, and policy reforms.

Make sure to watch the video of Dr. Muhammad Usman Zaheer by clicking here!